BOARDS FOR SALE NOW!  If you want one please order


Thank you for all the people that expressed interest.  I believe i have put enough boards in stock to cover all the people listed below.  If you want one now, please go order in the shop.  THANK YOU


  1. Stephen Borsellino
  2. Matthew Stone
  3. Jeremy Lange
  4. James Lee
  5. Ken Egor
  6. Chris Usleton
  7. Dominic Cusati
  8. Thomas Johnston
  9. Dwayne Boyce
  10. Matt Pionk
  11. Matt Pionk
  12. Thomas T J Jahn
  13. Salvatore Astuto
  14. Salvatore Astuto
  15. Bryan Cardis
  16. Mike Kretzschmar
  17. Peter (South Africa)
  18. Brooks Croxton
  19. ooalexoo2
  20. Andrew Johnson
  21. Brady Anderson
  22. Jason Torres
  23. Brett Visser
  24. Brett Visser



  1. Bob Casselberry
  2. Matthew Stone
  3. Jacob Turner
  4. Silvestre Costa
  5. Mike Kretzschmar
  6. Daniel Wharton
  7. Brooks Croxton

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    Please leave a comment if you want to go on the list

    1. Charles Collins G7 fly and A4 fly

  2. I would like one Angel LCD-g7fly Board please.

  3. 1 x A4 Fly board + Doc’s Eyes.
    Shipped to South Africa.

  4. I’d like to be added to the wait list for a G7 board.

  5. 1-IR3 90 degree grip frame and and 1-lcd

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