Trigger Programming

  1. Power on Board with trigger held
  2. Release trigger
  3. click trigger to cycle through registers
  4. click and hold, then release to select register
    1. it will flash current value
  5. Click new value
    1. it will flash confirm
  6. Repeat 3-5 for each register you want to change
  7. power cycle board (disconnect battery if you need to on a1)

OLED Programming

  1. Press a board button to enter the menu structure
    1. Two button boards are Up/Tigger Select/Down
    2. Three button boards are Up/Select/Down
    3. Navwheel boards are Rotate Up/Push Select/Rotate Down
  2. Navigate to menu option
  3. Press Select
  4. Navigate to value
  5. Press select to scroll through available values
  6. Select OK to commit value