Enoch Paintball Firmware Downloads

EnochFlasher_v120 – Official Release


Recent Changes


  • Added Support for different OLED model
  • NEW FUNCTION – 2nd DIP Switch now controls menu accessibility via button press
    • With DIP2 off, menu function normally on up button hold
    • With DIP2 on, menu function normally on up button hold for first 10 shots
    • After 10 shots, menus disabled until power toggle, preventing accidental menu during game
    • A Key icon will show on screen to indicate the menus will lock after 10 shots
    • DIP1 still controls tourney lock.  Tourney Lock overrides DIP2 and completely disables menus


  • Fixed ROF bug introduced at v117


  • Removed empty hopper runout issue
  • Increased screen update frequency
  • Increased write of eye status to screen (more responsive)
  • Ramping smooth and steady
  • Fixed force shot bug introduced at v112


  • Shortened Splash time for faster boot
  • Addressed occasional first shot skipped report from Kyle
  • Moved Eye logic outside fire loop for faster reads
  • Complete Blocked eye rewrite
  • Change Mech Debounce to be more similar to Loader Delay
    • Will require app update as well
  • Tweaked trigger listener to compensate for ROF.  Max 15.5 will allow 15.5 now


  1. assemble cable
  2. download firmware
    1. (above)
    2. Download latest version
    3. Unzip folder
  3. Install drivers
    1. In support folder, run zadig-2.3.exe
    2. Change driver type to LIBUSB-WIN32(v1.2.6.0)
    3. Click Install WCID Driver
  4. Connect programmer to board
    1. For LCD, plug with adapter text “USBISP” to the outside
    2. For the A1, remove the male pins and plug with the text “USBISP” up toward the battery
  5. Plug USB port of programmer into Computer
  6. Go into Flash folder
  7. Go into folder of board type
  8. Run the latest version. Allow if necessary
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