Enoch Paintball Firmware Downloads

EnochFlasher_v107 – beta

EnochFlasher_v106 – release


  1. assemble cable
  2. download firmware
    1. (above)
    2. Download latest version
    3. Unzip folder
  3. Install drivers
    1. In support folder, run zadig-2.3.exe
    2. Change driver type to LIBUSB-WIN32(v1.2.6.0)
    3. Click Install WCID Driver
  4. Connect programmer to board
    1. For LCD, plug with adapter text “USBISP” to the outside
    2. For the A1, remove the male pins and plug with the text “USBISP” up toward the battery
  5. Plug USB port of programmer into Computer
  6. Go into Flash folder
  7. Go into folder of board type
  8. Run the latest version. Allow if necessary
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