Based on a commercial fork of the open-source GCode software; more than two years of development has resulted in a completely revamped unified code base.

  • Ramp Parameters – drop in shots, min bps, inactive time
  • Reactive Mode
  • Eyes ON/Eyes OFF Rate of Fire Caps
  • Eye Sensitivity
  • Eye Mode – Breakbeam, Reflective
  • Dwell – tenth of a millsecond
  • First Shot Drop Off
  • Loader Delay
  • Dwell Ramping – min bps and rate
  • Mechanical Debounce
  • Debounce Mode – Sequential, Delay, Fine-Grain
  • Power Savings – Adjustable sleep settings
  • Game Timer
  • Shot trip counter
  • Tuning mode with App based shot graphing
  • Closed Bolt Parameters (for closed bolt board mode)
    • Sear on Time – tenth of a millisecond
    • Open Delay – tenth of a millisecond
    • Open Cycle – tenth of a millisecond
    • Ball in Place – tenth of a millisecond
    • Close Time  – tenth of a millisecond
    • Watch Time

User Adjustments

There are three ways to program your board.

  1. Trigger Programming.
    • Set the register by trigger pulls
  2. OLED programming.
    • Simple, intuitive user interface gives access to all the registers
  3. Bluetooth programming via Android and iOS apps.
    • No buttons to mess with, no counting trigger pulls and LED flashes.  Just a clean multiplatform app with sliders for each register.  Easy to use, instant updates to the board.