OLED and Bluetooth

Lets be blunt, no one wants to by a board that is trash if the OLED dies.  And no one wants an overpriced proprietary OLED that is only available from the board manufacturer.  So we designed the Enoch board with all these concerns in mind.  No OLED, no problem.  No Bluetooth, no problem.  You always have access to your settings, however you want to access them.


—Extra info for the geeks

PCB (circuit board)

PCBs are custom developed in EAGLE and fit to each platform.  Boards are outsourced and then assembled in Texas.  They are then programmed and tested by hand before being shipped.

CPU (processor)

Development for the Enoch Boards began with a Arduino 328p chip.  Its limitations were quickly apparent.  Many development groups are quickly abandoning the 328p.

The clearest example of this is the Goldilocks platform. “The limitation in SRAM in the 328p and 32u4 is the most apparent issue, and this is the most difficult to supplement with external components.” and “But using the ATmega1284p processor to provide significant improvements in RAM, FLASH, EEPROM, interfaces, and other factors.” (citation) (citation2)


In short, switching to the 1284p vs 328p gives us

  • 8x SDRAM memory
    • More variables, more configurable, more adjustable
  • 4x more Flash
    • Larger programs and Larger capabilities for future updates
  • 4x more EEPROM
    • Store twice as much data
  • 2 programmable USART
    • allowing Bluetooth and other communications simultaneously
  • fully independent analogue platform
    • allows for OLED communication on dedicated pins
  • Extra interrupt, more options to wake the CPU
  • Extra I/O pins (32 vs 23)
    • Allows for more connections and more hardware, including (depending on the board)
      • mofsets to power down peripherals, saving even more power
      • dual noids
      • RGB leds
      • Hardware Battery Monitor
      • Soft Power Switch
      • 3 external Navigation buttons


Firmware Programming

Every Enoch board also includes programming headers for future firmware updates using non-proprietary, industry standard arduino programmers.