Matrix DM3 Board


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In stock now! This boards supports a variety of connectors, including the large 9v harness (included), modern 1.5jst solenoid connector, combined 4 pin noid/power harness common on some boards, 3 pin modern DM eyes, and 4 pin matrix eyes.

As with all Enoch boards, you can configure the boards with either a free bluetooth app (Apple or Android) or through the trigger and OLED screen.

*warning* only connect one power source at a time.  

*warning* some boards used the same connector for the combined power/noid harness as the 4 pin eyes.  Do not plug eyes into the power harness, it will damage your eyes.  Eye connectors are labeled on the board.

Item includes:
Enoch Matrix DM3 board
Extended button (can be trimmed to length)
Power harness with 9V Connector
Custom 3D printed flexible Grips with screen



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