Angel LED Board


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First release of the Enoch Angel LED board.  This board is a destructive install (requires completely removing the existing LED harness), and cutting the solenoid wires.  No soldering is required, but you do need to strip the wires to insert them into the board.

If you are not comfortable with this I recommend using the install services of someone in the community such as Bob Casselberry, etc.  Enoch Paintball does not offer installation services and no warranty/coverage is provided for your existing marker, only the board itself is warrantied for defects.

Item includes:
Enoch Angel LED board
9V daughter board with OLED and BLE connectors
Main board to daughter board harness
Power harness with OEM switch with threaded holes
Microswitch with harness
LED lens for mounting in Backplate
Custom 3D printed flexible Grips with screen



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