Angel LCD-g7fly Board - Reverse Micro Version


Angel LCD-g7fly Board – Reverse Micro Version


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This model of the stock LCD-G7fly board has the microswitch reversed (leaf down).  This version may have better compatibility with some 90degree frames and g7/speed frames.


Custom board with breakoff tabs. The tabs allow a custom board for all models from LCD to G7fly, including LCD, IR3, 03-04 speeds, A4, A4fly, G7 and G7fly. Once the tabs are removed, they cannot be re-attached. 05 and 06 speeds will work but due to differences in the frames (no buttons) there is no external access to the buttons.  Programming can be done with the grip off, with the Android app (IOS coming soon) or through the trigger.

The board comes with a 0.96 monochrome OLED screen (removeable) and a i2c Bluetooth Module (removeable).  The screens and modules are user replaceable and compatible with all Enoch Angel Boards.

Includes 9v connector with LCD short handle toggle switch.

—-Note for 05/06 Speed/G7fly Users——-

An important note on 05 and 06 Speeds (or any model that used a board with an optical switch instead of a microswitch).  There are two issues with support for these frames.

  1. Due to the lack of external buttons on the frames, some usability of the board is limited (as it is will nearly all aftermarket boards).  To program the board, it can be done either with the grip off, with the mobile app, or through the trigger.  Using the included battery harness is required, you cannot use the stock switch and harness.
  2. Many triggers, especially aftermarket triggers, will not work without substantial machining and modification.  This is due to the differences in placement of the old opto switch on those boards.  This is especially true with 90deg frames. They may require the stock trigger WITH THE LEAF REMOVED or modified.

Brad at EastCoastAngel has generously offered to modify triggers for anyone with a 05/06 speed frame.  Free of charge, just pay shipping both ways.

Please contact us prior to ordering if you have any concerns.


All Enoch boards are built on a Arduino 1284p, providing higher processing capabilities, and room for upgrades in the future.  The single Enoch code base provides a unified platform for ease of updates and feature enhancements.  For more information about the capabilities of all Enoch boards, please check out the Capabilities page.


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