LCD – G7Fly

  1. Some a4fly and g7fly body openings are too narrow for the switch
    • Workaround.  LIGHTLY sand the ring at the base of the threads of the switch with 200 grit or similar sandpaper.  You need to take very little off.
  2. G7fly trigger leaf
      • Bend leaf on trigger to fit



  1. The OLED screen can short on the trigger pins.
    • Workaround. Power off board.  Remove OLED screen.  Put a piece of electrical tape or foam tape on the Back of the OLED.  Reinstall


  1. Menus are slow to scroll on LCD boards
    • Issue has been identified and will be patched in a firmware release
  2. A1 too easy to go into menus
    • Issue has been identified.  Switching from simple button push to a few second up button hold to avoid “accidental” menus
  3. Eye disable doesnt work after blocked eyes
    • Issue has been identified and will be patched in a firmware release
  4. Eye disable doesnt work in auto
    • Added eye disable as few second down button hold



  1. Android Oreo (8.0, 8.1) currently broken due to lack of Support from Google.  This issue is affecting all bluetooth, not just Enoch Boards, so hopefully it will be patched soon.  Affects Pixel, Pixel 2, and Nexus devices currently.