The Fallen Angel is the end result of a 3 year journey to customize every possible component of the Angel LCD. The result is a 120.5g (4.25 ounce) lighter platform with upgrades packed into almost every inch.

I am not a shop. I am one person doing something that I think is awesome for the community I care about very much. If you can not agree to the terms of this project, please do not purchase a spot.

Ordering Info

GO LIVE FOR PRE-ORDER on April 30th, 2020 at 9PM Eastern


  • 15 (subject to change) public spots will be available for this limited run. The first half of payment, currently estimated at $750, will be due at that time. This is the only way to guarantee and reserve your spot
  • Spots are non-refundable, and non-transferable. If you choose to give up your spot and the next person on the wait list wants it, that will be handled on a case by case basis. You may not SELL your spot to the person of your choosing.
  • When all materials are ready for anodizing, your anodizing and assembly payments (separately negotiated by you) will be due and materials will be shipped to the anodizer, and then to assembly. Once your gun is assembled, your balance payment (currently estimated at $750) will be due.
  • Upon receipt of final payment, your gun will be shipped directly from the assembler to you.
  • Failure to make payments will result in loss of funds.

Cost Breakdown

  • The price for the raw, milled Fallen angel is $1500
    • This includes all body pieces and all internal components
    • All bodies, trigger frames, ram housings, hammers, solenoids bodies and manifolds, pivot pins, breech rods, and miniregs are USED stock. While I have done my best to ensure these are free of defects, there is a potential for minor cosmetic issues.
    • All other components are New manufactured or New Old Stock.
  • Anodizing will be additional, and up to the customer. Arrangements and negotiations will be directly between the customer and the anodizer. I am happy to provide photographs and part lists and assist in the quote process. Any issues will need to be handled between customer and anodizer. There are 27 pieces. Except anodizing to be expensive, $600+ in many cases.
  • Assembly will be additional and can be performed by the individual or shop of your choice. I will handle shipment to assembler. The completed gun will then be shipped directly to the customer. Estimates for assembly have been approximately $125 + shipping from multiple assemblers. Realize that if you assemble your own marker I have no way of testing prior and this may affect warranty issues.

External Upgrades

  • 3D body milling (85.4g lighter than factory)
  • Lightweight minireg milling (7.6g lighter than factory)
  • One piece milled twisted VAA (13.8g lighter than factory)
  • Nummech from scratch body plug
  • From scratch backplate with 3d logo – (1.5g heavier than factory)
  • From scratch site rail (3.1g lighter than factory)
  • MT Fly style eye milling
  • MT Fly style under body eye channel milling
  • From scratch Anodizable aluminum eye covers
  • Nummech custom lower shouldered feedneck stub
  • Nummech feedneck (1.3g lighter than CCM for reference)
  • Nummech rebuildable detents (dual) (adds 2.3g versus factory single detent)
  • NOS eye strap
  • Stainless 4BA pivot pin grups
  • Stainless minireg grub
  • From scratch trigger with bearings and dual stops
  • Dual trigger frame with set screws
  • T-slot on Trigger Frame
  • Inception Design ASA
  • Robert Chavout custom grips (with logo)
  • SSC Shaft FL Freak XL barrel back
  • Infamous Silencio Barrel Tip – modified to fit ssc back
  • Barrel back, tip, and insert less than 1 gram heavier than factory
  • Twisted Products Breech Knob
  • CCM or Nummech Anodizable macro fitting (decision pending)
  • Overall external upgrades (106.5 grams lighter)

Internal Upgrades

  • Upgraded solenoid with 3v pilot valve
  • Nummech lightened Ram hammer
  • Bob’s custom ram bumper
  • CMN 7075 aluminum lightened ram shaft
  • ram weight savings 40.2g (22.1g versus 66.3g factory)
  • new ucup ram seal
  • Custom captured valve guide with lightened cone spring (3.1g heavier than factory)
  • AKA externally adjustable lpr (23.1g heavier than factory)
  • Upgraded minireg belleville springs
  • CMN minireg small piston
  • CMN custom bolt with replaceable PE soft tip
  • Doc’s Angel laser eyes, 3mm, wired connector
  • Custom Enoch Board
  • Overall internal upgrades (14.0 grams lighter)


  • A note on customization of orders. As a small business with a small run, I have to leverage bulk ordering where I can (and 20 is barely bulk in many cases). As such, I can not “remove” items from an order. If you wish to provide items to ADD such as a single trigger frame, those can be discussed on a case by case basis. If you wish to provide your own body, trigger frame, or minireg that can also be discussed but would not result in significant cost savings as those components are already factored into the price.

Components provided by the following businesses. Please support the paintball community.

  • Brent Masada – custom milling/machinework
  • Nummech (Andy Dubuc/YDNA)- detents, body plugs, feedneck, feedneck stub, lightened ram hammer
  • Inception Designs – ASA
  • CCM – macro fitting
  • SSC (Stanchy) – barrel back available exclusively through Enoch Paintball
  • Robert Chavout – grips
  • Bob Casselberry – ram bumpers
  • PBTek (Tim Firpo) – misc NOS springs, eye straps, screws, internals
  • CMN Fabrication and Design (Chris Nelson) – custom ram shafts, minireg small piston, bolts
  • (placeholder) – custom LCD captured value guide
  • AKA (Jared Kajka) – external lpr
  • Angellasereyes (Doc Strangelove) – custom eyes
  • Infamous Paintball – custom modified silencio tip

Also special thanks to Bob Casselberry for sourcing the belleville springs and Brad Kastleberry for sourcing the ram ucup seals

Terms and Conditions subject to change