Below is guidance for installation of the Enoch Angel LED board. Enoch paintball does not provide installation services or warranty installation work. If you are not confident installing and tweaking we recommend using a third party installation service.

Package Contents

  • Window Grips (1 set)
  • Clear LED lens (1)
  • Main board
  • Daughter Board with 2 header extensions
  • OLED screen
  • Bluetooth Module
  • 5pin Data Harness
  • 3pin Power Harness
  • OEM style switch harness and factory style mounting screws
  • 9v harness
  • microswitch on 2pin header

Installation instructions

  1. Preparation to install
    1. Remove existing LED Harness and set aside
      1. Disconnect Harness from main board
      2. Remove microswitch from frame and set aside, make sure to keep both retaining pins
      3. Remove charging port from backplate. You will likely need to cut wires
      4. Leave existing led cover on backplate, this is no longer used
      5. Remove the led and hotglue from the backplate. The backplate should now be free
      6. Remove the solenoid pilot from the harness, leaving it installed in the gun (you do not need to remove the solenoid). It is recommended you snip the wires are the existing solder/heat shrink points, leaving the wires as long as possible.
      7. Strip approximately 5mm of solenoid pilot red and black wires
    2. Remove the grip frame from the Angel LED. you make need to loosen or remove the VAA and crackpipe to remove the frame. Be careful not to loose the oring on the top of the frame
  2. Installation
    1. Main Board
      1. Slide 3 wire harnesses up through the bottom of the body
        1. 2pin microswitch connector
        2. 5 pin data harness (side does not matter)
        3. 3 pin power harness (insert longer side, switch disconnect should remain below body)
      2. Plug the 3 harnesses into the 3 corresponding plugs on the LED main board. The 4th 1.5mm 3 pin connection is for optional eyes
      3. Using a small eyeglass screwdriver (not provided) insert the two solenoid wires into the blue solenoid connectors. Tighten the screws lightly. Polarity does not matter
      4. Gently slide the board part way into the rear of the gun, with the harnesses down facing toward the trigger frame and the solenoid connector up
        1. Insert the clear LED lens cover into the backplate. The face should be flush to the outside of the backplate
      5. Snap the main board led into the LED lens cover
      6. Slide the main board all the way into the body, and lightly tighten the backplate screws
    2. Power switch
      1. Install the switch on the inside of the trigger frame
      2. Insert the screws into the switch and lightly tighten
    3. Microswitch
      1. Place a piece of scotch tape over the pin holes on one side
      2. Align the microswitch top hole with the top hole on the trigger frame. the switch can be installed in either direction depending on your trigger alignment
      3. Insert the top pin into the hole through the top hole of the microswitch
      4. Rotate the switch down and insert the second pin
      5. Add a piece of scotch tape over the holes so the pins do not fall out
    4. Daughter board
      1. Plug the 5 pin data harness into the daughter board
      2. Plug the 3 pin power harness into the daughter board
      3. Plug the 2 pin powerswitch harness into the power harness
      4. Place the daughter board in the grip frame.
    5. Final Installation
      1. Install the back grip with the Enoch logo
      2. Connect a 9V battery to the 9v connector
      3. Insert the battery upsidedown between the headers. The power cord of the 9v should exit to the left. It will be snug
      4. Insert the bluetooth module into the top header with the blue stripe facing down over the battery
      5. Insert the oled module into the bottom header covering the lowerhalf of the battery
      6. Power on the board to ensure everything is functional
      7. Install the front grip with the window
      8. Reinstall the VAA (if necessary) and the grip frame